Our instructors have expertise in yoga, they are great hosts and friends also travellers by themselves so they know what you need.

Urska Kodela Lapan

is passionately devoted full-time yoga teacher with years of experience. She obtained her official yoga Teacher training in Sivananda center in France and was further on educated in Tailand, Ashtanga/Vinyasa yoga with Manju Jois and by yoga teachers in India (Sajeevan A.M.).  Urska has attended Iyengar yoga teacher training program in City joga center in Ljubljana, Slovenia on workshops under supervision of Michael Forbes (USA), Kevin Gardiner (USA), and Laurie Blakeney (USA). Experiencing the fullness of yoga with Mark Stephens (USA) in Munich. Her yoga style is Alignement based Creative Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Never boring, never the same, with a use of all yoga props to help getting correctly into position. It is not important how far you go, but how you go. Urska is always correcting you into accurate position while doing lots of work out. Develops her unique yoga style - Detox yoga. It is practiced in studio with IR panels on slightly higher temperatures with multitude of twists that squeeze toxins out of the body - accompanied by a healthy diet for marvellous results on practitioner’s bodies.    

Yulia Shapieva

Was born in Russia and is active in sports through all her life. She first experienced yoga at 14 and as soon as it become her passion she made teacher training course in Spain and joined our team. She speaks Slovenian, Russian, English and Russian. Always positive and in good mood. In yoga she found her essence, focused mind and control over her body. Yoga gives her strength and energy. She believes that yoga is an endless process so that is why she wants to know our guests better so you will advance together.