Yoga holidays

Keep your holidays active. Not only in our yoga studios - you can do yoga anywhere around the globe. When travelling yoga will help you stay fit and relaxed so you can enjoy the destinations better. On workshops that are part of all our holidays you will learn techniques (and individual alignments) that will remain for your future practices. We regularly take our guests to destinations such as:
  • Croatia (Istria, Dalmatia, islands),
  • Canary Islands (Fuerteventura) //link to Past events gallery,
  • Morocco,
  • Italy (Rome, Tuscany),
  • Slovenia…
We are always trying to bring closer to you other interesting destinations. Join us at your favourite places.

Typical  Itinerary 

Every program has slightly different schedule so here is just an example of daily activities:
  • 8:30 morning yoga class
  • 10:00 breakfast – buffet style
  • Free time (either visit to local sights, beaches,...)
  • 17:30 Yoga class (alternately yoga workshop or meditation)
  • 19:30 supper
  • Free time after supper (sometimes we just sit, talk and have fun)


We usually host a group in typical villa from the region with swimming pool or easy access to the sea. If you are coming on your own we will match you in a room with someone of the same sex and a similar age if possible. Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.  


All our vegetarian meals are freshly prepared (Vegan option) using the best ingredients and based on Mediterranean cuisine. The food we serve is healthy and will ensure you have enough energy to do yoga and keep you fresh during your stay with us. Buffet style breakfast will serve you with variety of options: porridge (oat, couscous and millet), fresh and dry fruits and nuts. Bread and homemade hummus and spreads. Instead of milk we use soya, rice and coconut milk. For supper we will serve you food made of local vegetables, cereals, legumes and spices. We cook a wide variety of unique dishes with lots of salad. Usually we complete our food pampering with a dessert and to make it really special on last evening everyone participates in sushi or bruschetta making party. Sometimes guests decide for an option of fish meal – depends of availability from local fishermen. We can prepare it separately, but due to respect to everyone - only if all guests agree with it. Should you have any specific allergies or diets please let us know upfront and we will try to do our best to incorporate it in our kitchen.